The name does not really reflect all that Hypnobirthing is, it’s so much more than it sounds. (Also to get it out the way, there is no stage hypnosis. No waving pocket watches or pretending to be a chicken.) Hypnobirthing is a full antenatal education, that is logical, practical, and evidence based. It is designed around:


  • Knowledge is power - know your body, know your options, be the leader of your birth experience

  • Birth is a natural event - understand your hormones, how to support labour, also important if having an abdominal birth

  • Birth is not a medical event - but sometimes it needs medical support so being prepared for all scenarios is important

  • The mind is powerful - where the mind leads the body follows, so we must calm the mind before anything else

  • Hypnobirthing is for ALL births - waterbirth, induction, caesarean section and everything in-between


Hypnobirthing is a collection of simple, manageable, easy to digest, informative and relaxation tools that when combined put you in the driving seat for labour and birth. When practised during pregnancy and used during labour, Hypnobirthing mums are more likely to have:


  • A natural and more comfortable birth

  • A shorter labour with less medical intervention

  • A calm environment to welcome a calm and alert baby

  • A quicker recovery after birth

  • A birth partner who can support at every stage and be an intimate part of the journey


Hypnobirthing works differently for every mum, and it does work. It will provide for a more empowered and positive birth experience, whatever the journey holds.



Hi, I’m Rachel, founder of Barefoot Birthing.


I'm married to Luke, and we are parents to our inquisitive daughter Abby (born April 2017) and smiler son Ellis (born Oct 2018).


As well as all things birth, I’m a lover of lattes, music festivals, Grey’s Anatomy, a murder mystery, my slow-growing art collection, Leonardo DiCaprio, and a good softplay cafe (back when we could go to softplays!).


Although I prepared well for the birth of my daughter, and was relaxed and excited in the lead up to labour, it was only after her birth did I truly appreciate how powerful, unique, and life-changing birth is. It made me a stronger person for sure, and a fire inside me had been ignited.


My passion for all things birth continued to grow and I chose to plan a homebirth for my second baby - which is still one of the best decisions I have ever made.  After catching my son, and another empowering (albeit intense) birth, I knew I wanted to be part of a change for better births for every woman. I feel privileged to have had two positive birth experiences, but am now all too saddened to learn that I am probably in the minority of women, and this has to change.


Although sharing Hypnobirthing with my friends was special, I had the itch to learn more and give more. It was my husband who encouraged me to take the leap, and when my son was only weeks old I signed up to the KGH Practitioner Course - the only course in the country accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. April 2019 saw the 'birth' of Barefoot Birthing and I haven't look back since!


I understand parents-to-be want to feel prepared, calm, and excited for labour and birth. That is exactly what the Barefoot Birthing course is designed to do, and all taught in a relaxed, friendly, open-minded, and personal atmosphere. 

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