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Do you want to know more about hypnobirthing to see whether it is right for you? Perhaps you are a second or third-time mum looking for a way to experience a more positive birth? Or perhaps you are trying to find a way to take control of your birth experience? Whatever your reason for wanting to find out more about hypnobirthing, Rachel at Barefoot Birthing, would love to tell you more.

Our fun, informative and enriching hypnobirthing classes are designed to help you feel more empowered during birth. Hypnobirthing uses hypnosis, relaxation, and breathing techniques, so whatever type of birth it is, you can enjoy a calmer birth experience. Our birthing classes cover pregnancy, birth, and parenthood, so you feel informed and prepared for the days ahead.

Our childbirth classes include:

Birth is a natural and normal experience and we aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to feel calm, in control and relaxed, and excited and positive about meeting your baby.

For more details about our birth preparation classes, please contact Rachel at rachel@barefootbirthing.com

What our happy clients in Mitcham say

Following our hypnobirthing course with Rachel, my husband and I have been left feeling calm, in a positive mindset, informed and excited about the whole birth experience and ready to do this!

Rachel was very thorough, patient, and methodical in her approach, with great techniques to help you visualize what your body is capable of.

We loved the whole experience and would definitely recommend this course to anyone currently pregnant and thinking about hynobirthing. Thanks again Rachel and keep doing what you’re doing!

Joanna & Elliott,
Birth preparation near Mitcham
Hypnobirthing refresher or full training course

Are you hoping for a positive birth near Beddington?

We have all heard horror stories of traumatic births and the negative associations of giving birth can feel somewhat ingrained. Hypnobirthing, positive birth, and mindful birthing are just a few of the terms that are used when it comes to having a calm birth experience. But what do these mean and how can hypnobirthing lead to a more positive birth? Our childbirth classes near Beddington, Mitcham, or Merton tech simple self-hypnosis, relaxation, and breathing techniques, combined with practical education to lead to an easier and more positive birthing experience.

Rachel teaches the Mindful Birth Group syllabus that incorporates hypnobirthing theory and techniques, as well as mindfulness tools. Our courses teach the science of what happens to the body when it goes through labour and the importance of the mind-body connection and how our thoughts can impact the process and how we feel. Our classes teach powerful visualisation and deep relaxation techniques.

Our course will look at what different types of births can look like, from spontaneous labour at home or a birth centre, induced labour at a hospital, or an unplanned abdominal birth (caesarean) in a hospital. We will look at how to create a supportive environment, the role of the birth companion, exercises and movements you can practice during pregnancy and birth to support birth, and writing your birth preferences.

Our classes will also look at the ‘fourth trimester’ and how you can best plan and prepare for postnatal recovery.

Are you looking for CRO antenatal classes?

Your journey to a calmer and more mindful birth in Mitcham can start now. Rachel wants you to feel confident in your body’s ability to give birth and after an empowering homebirth with her second child, she wanted to try to work towards better births for everyone.

Rachel has a whole host of qualifications including:

  • Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing – Practitioner Training (The Royal College of Midwives accredited course), 2019
  • Biomechanics for birth with Molly O’Brien – RM BSc (Hons) – of Optimal Birth, 2019
  • Three-Step Trauma Rewind, 2019
  • LGBTQ+ Competency in Birth with The Queer Birth Club, 2021
  • Advanced Biomechanics for birth with Molly O’Brien – RM BSc (Hons) – of Optimal Birth, 2021
  • Trauma Informed Hypnobirthing CPD with Simply Natal, 2021
  • BSc Social Psychology

Rachel comes highly recommended -please see some testimonials. Please see an example of Carlyn’s story.

We also provide hypnobirthing and positive birth courses in nearby areas including;

  • Biggin Hill
  • Hackbridge
  • Merton
  • Morden
  • Norbury
  • Streatham

Why choose group hypnobirthing near Mitcham?

Here at Barefoot Birthing, we run a range of birthing courses near Mitcham, including in-person courses and private courses. We also run specific courses for physiological and abdominal births.

Our group antenatal classes are run over weekend mornings in nearby Morden. As well as gaining knowledge and information, you can meet local and like-minded parents-to-be in a relaxed and informal environment. Our classes are engaging and interactive, so you will build trusting relationships.

Mindful Birth Courses in Mitcham

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To find out more about our hypnobirthing training near Mitcham or to book one of our birth preparation classes, please drop Rachel a line at rachel@barefootbirthing.com or fill in an online contact form.

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