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"we really loved how practical & realistic the course was"

We have just finished our Hypnobirthing course with Rachel. Rachel is knowledgeable, patient, inspiring and 100% committed to your positive birth experience. We really loved how practical and realistic the course was, which I wasn’t expecting at all, and there’s a perfect balance between that and discovering your inner calm and confidence around such a life changing experience. The tips and techniques we’ve learnt will last a lifetime. Can’t wait to put it all to good use in the days or weeks that will follow! Thanks Rachel

Angela & Rob

"excited about the whole birth experience & ready to do this!"

Following our hypnobirthing course with Rachel, my husband and I have been left feeling calm, in a positive mindset, informed and excited about the whole birth experience and ready to do this!

Rachel was very thorough, patient, and methodical in her approach, with great techniques to help you visualize what your body is capable of.
We loved the whole experience and would definitely recommend this course to anyone currently pregnant and thinking about hynobirthing. Thanks again Rachel and keep doing what you’re doing!

Joanna & Elliott

"Rachel is an awesome teacher & will put you at ease the moment she says hello"

Rachel has been so supportive of my husband and I during and after our Hypnobirthing course. After a tough first labour, we were really keen to learn about Hypnobirthing and were willing to learn as much as possible from Rachel to prevent a repeat experience.

Rachel is so knowledgeable and anything she didn’t feel comfortable answering, she quickly found the answer for us.
We worked together in going through my first birth and talked through why certain things may not have gone to plan and she has left me feeling confident and even excited about my upcoming labour. We both now feel we are equipped with the tools to navigate anything that might come our way this time around.
Rachel is an awesome teacher and will put you at ease the moment she says hello to you. We cannot recommend her highly enough!
Thank you!

Nicki & Luke

"Rachel made the classes personal to me and my situation"

The course content was brilliant and I’d go as far as saying I learnt so much more across the five sessions with Rachel than the antenatal classes we attended. Rachel also made the classes personal to me and my situation (at one point I had a low lying placenta and suspected gestational diabetes, so an elected c-section was on the cards)....

My initial dreams of a water birth at home quickly fell...as my labour didn’t progress I eventually ended up being induced....... but tooled with all the knowledge Rachel gave us, we were able to make the best decisions for me and the baby, but most importantly stay in control.

Although my birth plan did not go to plan, I now look back and know that I was able to use the skills I learned from the hypnobirthing sessions with Rachel to get me through....

For me, I went into Hypnobirthing thinking it would give me the tools to make my labour less painful but what it actually gave me was the power that I needed when things didn’t go to plan. I’d go as far as saying it saved me and got me to a position that I can now look back at my birth and feel empowered by everything.

Thank you Rachel - I will be forever grateful 💙

Chantelle & Mark

"this is what we are made to do!"

Having spent a 2 hour session with Rach, I feel I am ready now to go into labour and have the tools and the knowledge I need to be able to birth my (back to back) baby confidently and to trust my body and my baby. Rach will put your fears and worries at ease and make you realise how blooming amazing a woman’s body is and this is what we are made to do! She’s amazing!


UPDATE - Having seen Rach on the Wednesday evening (and doing the movements to help baby move), I decided to book in for a private scan 5 days later just to see if baby had turned.... and.... she turned. Ready when you are baby!!


"Rachel tailored the class to our needs"


Had a personal 2 hour refresher session for the birth of our second child. Rachel tailored the class to our needs and when I brought up concerns or hesitations from my experience with our first delivery, she addressed them not only with empathy but with solutions on how to handle should they arise again. My delivery was smooth and I felt confident going into it as a result of my consultation with Rachel. Highly recommend!


"I am prepared, calm, confident and actually looking forward to it and that’s all thanks to Rachel!"

Rachel has been absolutely brilliant in helping us to prepare for the birth of our baby during the Coronavirus pandemic. We did the taster course and were really impressed so cancelled the now online NCT course and booked the private course with Rachel. She is a very warm, friendly, kind and knowledgeable person and really made us feel at ease. We quickly went from feeling like we had no idea what was to come to actually feeling very prepared and ready for the birth. A feeling which under the circumstances is priceless. Our baby hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t comment on the effectiveness of hypnobirthing on my birth but I don’t feel scared of the day anymore, I feel like I am prepared, calm, confident and actually looking forward to it and that’s all thanks to Rachel! xx

Joanne & Russell

"Rachel is really friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable"


I came across Barefoot Birthing through word of mouth. When I found out I was pregnant, I wasn’t too worried thinking about labour itself but as time went on and I entered my third trimester the thought of labour kept consuming my daily thoughts. I was watching all the TV shows I could find about giving birth and I thought I was preparing myself for birth but in fact in the back of my mind it was causing fear and anxiety. Watching all the women go through that pain made me feel very uneasy and I didn’t want to go through it. In addition, there were so many changes due to COVID-19 which were making feel anxious. I had heard good things about hypnobirthing from other mums and their experience but wasn’t really sure what it was about. I joined the taster session and met Rachel on Zoom. Myself and my husband joined up straightaway.


The course content by Rachel was so informative. I was starting to feel more empowered and in control of my birth journey. Even after the first session, I just felt so much more relaxed and eager to learn more. There is a lot to learn and by the end I really felt “knowledge is power”. My husband is going to be my birth partner and he felt like he has learnt so much about the role of a birth partner and how best to support me. We learnt about topics and questions to ask that we didn’t even think of and how to prepare a birth plan or even plans depending on different situations. We spoke about breathing techniques, visualisations and the different environments to give birth in.


Rachel is really friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable that made the course even more enjoyable. We recently completed the course and we both feel so much more confident. I do not have the same fears as I did before the course and look forward to giving birth to my baby and now feel able to make informed decisions.


Rachel also spends the last session talking in detail about the “fourth” trimester and when the baby is actually here. This was also valuable. The materials provided in the course have really helped me prepare such as the positive affirmation cards. Thank you so much Rachel for changing our perspectives and we hope to update you very soon with our birth journey!

Jenny & Rajan

"The course really was everything we were hoping for, and a lot more....truly excited to put everything we have learned into action on the day."

An enormous thank you to Rachel having recently completed her online course via Zoom. The course really was everything we were hoping for, and a lot more. Doing the course together with my husband has really meant we are on the same page and in it together, and he has really taken the hypnobirthing principles to heart and we practice the relaxation techniques daily together, and he has already prepped the sign for the birthing room door! We are especially enjoying working through the 4th trimester material. Rachel has a wonderfully inclusive manner, and really makes you feel comfortable and able to ask anything. We never felt rushed or under pressure, and her passion for the topics was really infectious. We highly recommend Rachel and Barefoot Birthing, and are truly excited to put everything we have learned into action on the day.

Kelly & Liam

"We welcomed our daughter into the world in the most calm, confident, and comfortable way imaginable."


Barefoot Birthing gave me the tools to have the birth beyond my dreams 💓 My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the 1to1 class with Rachel. She is a passionate font of positive birthing knowledge! We learnt so much over the 2 days with her; all about what hypnobirthing is, the tools we can use together in preparation (Hubby was happy to learn he’d have a pivotal role on the day too!), as well as relaxation techniques and affirmations. All the teaching materials were beautifully put together, and easy to refer back to. After the class, we felt completely at ease and EXCITED for the big day - whatever our birth had in store, we had so much more confidence, and understood we had *options* and could make decisions that were right for us and our baby. We felt so empowered by everything we learnt, we switched from a planned hospital to a home birth - best decision ever! The birth of our daughter was the most magical, positive experience. With hypnobirthing, we welcomed our daughter into the world in the most calm, confident and comfortable way imaginable. Get in touch with Barefoot Birthing, you won’t regret it.

Hannah & Dave

"I would never have thought I’d be someone that would actually look forward to giving birth but I actually am."


Rachel, thank you so much for giving both Chris and I the confidence to plan for a positive birth experience. After doing the usual NCT class we came away feeling nervous as to how our birth will be. Those sessions were very much focused around inductions, interventions, pain and medical support. After your sessions we came away realising that nature will take it’s course and to trust our instincts, which has completely relaxed us both. All the breathing and relaxation techniques, along with the positive affirmations, and really explaining what we as humans can do, has made us ready for the journey ahead. I would never have thought I’d be someone that would actually look forward to giving birth but I actually am.


Thank you so much for giving us the tools to prepare us for the arrival of our baby.

Jess & Chris

"The course was brilliant. Rach was informative, knowledgeable, friendly and warm, and didn’t shy away from the difficult parts."


We couldn’t recommend Rach and her Barefoot birthing course more! After a difficult labour with our son, we wanted to try a different approach in preparation for baby number 2, so Rach offered to deliver a bespoke course for us.


The course was brilliant. Rach was informative, knowledgeable, friendly and warm, and didn’t shy away from the difficult parts. I learnt so much, even though I have already given birth, and feel much more prepared and in control this time round.


I am genuinely looking forward to my first surge, and I can’t thank Rach enough for that!

Jen & Jack