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Thank you for finding my Doula page.
Congratulations wherever you are in your family journey, may that be in pregnancy or in the early days or weeks with your little one/s.

After supporting families antenatally and postnatally as a Mindful Birth Group® teacher for over 3 years I felt it was about time that I did my formal doula training in 2021. I chose to train with the fantastic Developing Doulas and was blown away by the course, and the wisdom shared by my two incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring doula facilitators.

I now can’t imagine doing anything else, and alongside birth preparation classes I’ve found something I adore in supporting families at this transitional time of life.

I offer both birth and/or postnatal doula support in South West London, roughly covering Merton, Kingston, Sutton, and Wandsworth, and I’d love to speak with you as to how I can support you.

Choosing a Doula is a very personal thing so I offer a free 45 minutes intro call/meet to get to know each other and for you to ask all the questions, this can be over Zoom or in-person at a convenient location.

“I was daunted by having someone in my home at a time when I would feel vulnerable. I also felt awkward about having ‘help’ and especially someone walking into a messy house and helping with that. Rachel listened to what I needed – I was working hard to establish breastfeeding and juggling a toddler, newborn, pump and steriliser and needed help to make sure I slept, ate and just didn’t feel like I was drowning. She made me feel so comfortable and so valid in what I needed. Rachel would walk in and it mentally topped me up. She would manage to cook a meal, get on top of the kitchen, fold laundry all with a newborn in a carrier. I could sleep, pump, shower, have a cup of tea or just hold my newborn knowing the rest was taken care of. Most importantly Rachel genuinely cares, she’s so loving and gentle with babies I felt so relaxed handing my tiny bundle over. She’s a calming presence in the chaos of the early weeks and I’m so grateful for her help.” Rebecca, Postnatal Client June 2022

Birth doula

Having a doula as your sole or second birth partner is a very personal thing, and should absolutely be someone you trust and feel safe with. As your doula I can support you physically, emotionally, and practically during pregnancy and at the birth of your baby. Although typically in-person, a birth doula support’s can be given virtually too. My birth doula packages currently start from £1250.

Postnatal doula

A postnatal doula’s role will look different for every family. As your doula I can support you physically, practically, and emotionally in the first few days, weeks, or months as new parents, for first or sibling babies. My postnatal doula packages currently start from £20 per hour.

We met Rachel through a hypnobirthing course with the Mindful Birthing Group and we knew after just one session that we wanted to hire her as our Doula. Rachel embodied everything we were looking for in the support for the birth of our son – always calm, compassionate, positive, empathetic and supportive from the start, and a champion for our decisions about how we wanted to birth – at home, in our own environment, as naturally as possible.

Rachel made herself available to us 24/7 after 38 weeks, and she was always quick to answer any of our questions and provide constant reassurance – she consistently checked in with us to find out how things were going and to find out how we were feeling in the lead up to my due date. Her support in the last days of pregnancy really helped calm any anxieties or nerves about my upcoming labour (including those of going over my due date), and she always had resources and knowledge to hand if we did have any particular questions. She was integral in shifting my mindset about birth from one portrayed in Hollywood movies to that of a natural, peaceful and empowering experience.

We ended up having a home birth, as we planned. During labour itself, Rachel was completely invaluable, so much so that I genuinely believe that we could not have birthed in our ideal environment without her. She provided us with immense support both practically, emotionally and mentally – she ensured the birthing pool was topped up and kept to a perfect temperature, she made sure I was well hydrated and provided snacks to keep my energy levels up, she timed and monitored contractions without any intervention, she suggested movements and positions to help labour progress when things had slowed down, made cold compresses throughout the night to keep me comfortable, and she physically supported me throughout labour.

Beyond this, and what really stood out, was Rachel’s continual positive attitude and emotional support – she regularly checked in with me to see how I was doing, provided positive affirmations throughout to remind me that I was capable of birthing in the way I wanted, she reminded me to utilise my breathing techniques, particularly during the pushing phase, to relax my face and jaw, calmed me in my moments of anxiety and provided useful visualisations. It was these measures that really enhanced my birthing experience and enabled me to birth in the way I wanted.

Most notably, Rachel’s indispensable help relieved me and my partner of the practicalities surrounding birth, meaning we could work through each contraction as they came and be in the momement together. I truly believe this mentality, which was fostered and protected by Rachel, enabled us to really focus on birthing our son in the most positive way possible and in the way we planned and hoped for.

Even after our son had arrived and Rachel had been supporting us for over 14 hours, she gave us the space and time to enjoy our first moments together as a family of three, a moment which will live with me forever. Her work didn’t stop here however – she once again made herself indispensible by chaperoning the midwives, sustaining the calm atmosphere, and taking care of the practicals such as sorting out the birthing pool, helping me get dressed, cleaning up, and getting us ready to go into hospital.

Our son was born in the back-to-back position after 28 hours of labour, utilising only hypnobirthing techniques – certainly a feat I never thought myself capable of achieving, but from Rachel’s initial support and guidance and the environment she sustained throughout labour, she was essential to the strength I was able to draw upon and I know that I could not have made it through my labour without her.

Rachel was beyond integral to our birth experience – she knew just what was needed and when – and there are not enough ways we can thank her. We already know that we would love Rachel to be present and support us at the birth of all our future children – we really could not have asked for more in a Doula and we will be indebted to her for life.

Elizabeth & Deji

I am so incredibly glad that we found Rachel. Her support was so valuable and I only wish I’d been able to have her come more! She has such a gentle nature, it was such a relief to have someone I trusted to lovingly hold my baby while I rested. She also came with me to my physio appointment and held baby in the carrier while I could focus on my appointment. She also helped around the house with all those little jobs – tidying up bits in the kitchen, folding the mountain of baby clothes, arranging the drawers, making me cups of tea etc! Perhaps the best part is having someone to listen and chat to about all the sorts of things on your mind in those early days. She listened without judgment and helped me with my breastfeeding and bottle feeding goals. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rachel to any new parents – it is the best money you will ever spend! Baby doesn’t need a load of blankets and toys – ask for contributions to doula care instead!

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