Group Course + Private Sessions

This is the complete Birth Course, for all births choices and all paths to parenthood. Focused on preparing for a physiological birth, with understanding of more medical birth should this change at anytime along the way.

You can read more about the course and support package here

The course is 6 hours of birth preparation and 1.5 hours of postnatal preparation.

Course Overview

What you will learn: 

  • The Mindful Birth Group® syllabus, incorporating effective Hypnobirthing theory and techniques with Mindfulness tools

  • Understand the mind body connection, and how the mind can physically impact the body and birth

  • What happens in the body, and the transformation it goes through to birth your baby

  • What different kinds of birth look like – whether it be a spontaneous labour at home or a birth centre, induced labour at hospital, or an unplanned abdominal (caesarean) birth

  • Three simple but effective breathing techniques to help you to relax during pregnancy and birth (and beyond!)

  • Visualisation techniques to help you to relax in pregnancy and every birthing scenario

  • Learn about the pelvis, baby positions, and optimal positions for labour and birth

  • Exercises and movement you can do during pregnancy and labour to support birth, as well as prevent tearing

  • Controlling the controllables – understand what is in your control and what should be allowed to progress by itself. This may include your birthing body or your medical care providers who are medically trained to support your birth

  • A very gentle and highly effective massage technique which will stimulate the production of the body’s natural pain relieving hormones

  • How to create a supportive environment wherever you birth your baby/babies

  • How to write your birth preferences & share them with your medical care providers

  • The birth partners incredibly important role and how they can support you throughout pregnancy, labour, and birth​

  • Postnatal recovery, how to prepare for parenthood, and the fourth trimester when your baby is here

After booking your course, you automatically gain access to the one-of-a-kind support package worth at least £850* which includes:

  • Weekly pregnancy yoga (live on Zoom & recorded for your convenience)
  • Monthly relaxation sessions (live on Zoom)
  • Online community to meet others on a similar path (moderated & closed) hosted on Circle
  • WhatsApp support with me, your teacher, right up until your baby is born
  • Ask the Midwife online group
  • 6 hours live birth preparation teaching
  • 1.5 hours live via Zoom postnatal preparation
  • 1 hour postnatal doula session (on Zoom)
  • Educational videos on baby care including breast and bottle feeding
  • Weekly parent & baby yoga (live on Zoom & recorded for your convenience)
  • Online community to meet others on a similar path (moderated & closed) hosted on Circle

It’s recommend signing up to the package from 12 weeks of pregnancy, so you can gain the full benefit of mind and body support from early on.

Private course option (7.5 hours total live learning time)

  • £440 via Zoom
  • £484  in-person

Location and Timings:

  • The course can be completed in 1 x 6 hours, 2 x 3 hours, or 3 x 2 hours.
  • In-person would typically be at your home (alternatively a mutually agreed location), and no more than a 30 minute travel distance from Morden, Surrey, UK. Please contact me should you live further away, as this may still be possible.
  • Online via Zoom video call – accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Subject to my availability

Ready to book? Please contact Rachel so that we can discuss this further, confirm your preferred dates, which can then be secured with a £150 deposit or full payment.

Course Dates

(Booking is via The Mindful Birth Group® website)

Location Format
Raynes Park Wed 28 June, 5, 12, 19 July Book Now
Morden Sat 15 & 22 July, 9am-1pm Book Now
Raynes Park Wed 6, 13, 20, 27 Sept, 7:15-9:15pm Book Now
Raynes Park Wed 8, 15, 22, 29 Nov, 7:15-9:15pm Book Now


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When’s a good time to do the course?
    It’s recommended to complete the course by 30 weeks, however you are welcome at any stage of your pregnancy, right up to your baby’s due time, it really is never too late! Obviously the earlier you register for a course the longer you have to enjoy the hub benefits. Hypnobirthing and mindfulness become more powerful with regular practice, so starting sooner rather than later can really help too.
  • Is there parking at the venue?
    There is free parking at the Morden venue. There is an NCP car park close to the Wandsworth venue.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    Bring whatever you need to feel comfortable. It’s recommended to bring a bottle of water, although cold & hot drinks and light refreshments will be provided during the break.
  • I’m planning a natural birth but have been advised I may have to have a Caesarean Section, which course should I do?
    We recommend the physiological course, as this will provide you with all that you need to prepare for a physiological birth but also includes what happens during an abdominal birth (caesarean section) so you will learn about both types of birth.
  • Could I do a private course with a pregnant friend?
    Yes, absolutely! Should you have a pregnant friend/relative who also wants to do the course I can come to one of your homes (or do the course online via Zoom) and run a private course at a discount.
  • What if I pay for a course and my baby arrives before the course has started/finished?
    If your baby is born prior to starting the course you will receive a full refund.
  • Can my partner or someone else attend with me?
    Most definitely, partners are encouraged to attend! The cost of the course is for a pregnant mum/person and one birth partner, whoever that may be for you. If you have a second birth partner (relative, friend or doula) then please get in touch so we can discuss accommodating your birth team.
  • Can I attend a course on my own?
    Yes, we welcome all pregnant mums and birthing people.
  • Do you offer a short or condensed course?
    Yes. There is the Hypnobirthing Essentials Short Course. This is for those who perhaps did a hypnobirthing course for a previous birth and want a refresher, are much later on in their pregnancy and short on time, or perhaps have done another antenatal course but feel something is missing.
  • I want to do a group course but I can’t make the dates?
    Please do get in touch and if there is enough interest additional group course dates/venues may be possible.
  • I’m not sure Hypnobirthing is for me but I would like to know more.
    Either get in contact for a chat or you can watch a taster session here –Taster Session.
  • I want an epidural, can I still use the relaxation techniques?
    Most definitely. Hypnobirthing really is for all birth preferences and situations. Hypnobirthing is about understanding your body and learning how different choices, including pain relief, have pros and considerations so you can use or avoid them in the best way possible for you.
  • Do you provide Doula services?
    Yes! Please visit my doula page from the website menu.
  • Do I need to do another Antenatal course as well?
    No you don’t need to if you didn’t want to, the course provides everything you need to know about preparing for birth. However, some parents either choose to enhance a standard antenatal course with a hypnobirthing course and find the cross-overs areas a really great recap, and some parents find hypnobirthing later on in their pregnancy and so end up doing two courses – again finding they complement each other.
  • I was hoping to do a Hypnobirthing course but I can’t afford the classes.
    Please do get in touch as we don’t believe that your birth preparation should be restricted by money. We can offer payments plan, services swap, or pay-what-you-can options should this mean you are then able to do the course.
  • Can we meet you before committing to the course?
    This may be possible yes, and would depend on how close you are to SM4 6RB, or happy to meet over Zoom.